Revolutionizing Gaming with AI: NFT Gaming Company Partners with RECUR Builder for Unforgettable Web3 Experiences

The NFT Gaming Company Announces Enhancements to AI Gaming Platform Leveraging RECUR Builder

The NFT Gaming Company, Inc. (“NFTG” or the “Company”), a company developing a digital gaming platform and community that will offer users the ability to create unique avatars playable in all of the games on the platform in the form of non-fungible tokens, or “NFTs,” today announced that it will be leveraging the powerful web3 tool, RECUR Builder, to deliver its AI gaming offerings to market.

The NFT Gaming Company will be building on RECUR’s cutting-edge Web3 infrastructure to monetize their expanding game catalog. The NFT Gaming Company will also provide experiences and unique opportunities for the RECUR community. “Partnering with RECUR allows us to bring our AI gaming offering to market as quickly as possible in the best web3 infrastructure available,” said Vadim Mats, CEO of NFT Gaming Company. “This relationship enables us to utilize the same technology as top brands like Paramount, Nickelodeon, Star Trek™, Top Gun: Maverick, emoji®, Care Bears™, and others.” “We’re delighted to have The NFT Gaming Company onboard to enhance their AI gaming product and create unforgettable web3 experiences with RECUR Builder.