Quam Securities Pioneers Crypto Trading in Hong Kong: A Look into the Exciting World of Virtual Asset Trading

In a groundbreaking move, Quam Securities has made history by becoming the first Hong Kong securities firm to venture into the world of crypto trading. The announcement has sent ripples of excitement throughout the financial industry, signaling a significant shift in the landscape of virtual asset trading in the region. Quam Securities’ partnership with HashKey PRO and the launch of Longbridge Whale’s one-stop virtual asset trading system are major steps toward providing brokerages in Hong Kong with comprehensive and uninterrupted trading services. This blog aims to delve into the details of this historic development and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

The Advent of Crypto Trading in Hong Kong

The entry of Quam Securities into the world of virtual asset trading marks a significant milestone for Hong Kong’s financial sector. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has opened up new avenues for financial services companies to expand their offerings and cater to the evolving needs of clients. With Quam Securities leading the charge, more traditional brokerages in Hong Kong might follow suit, further strengthening the city’s position as a global financial hub.

The Role of HashKey PRO

HashKey PRO’s collaboration with Quam Securities has been instrumental in facilitating the smooth integration of crypto trading services. As a renowned virtual asset exchange platform, HashKey PRO brings a wealth of experience and technical expertise to the partnership. Users can now enjoy seamless access to virtual asset trading through the Hong Kong Quam Securities App, making it convenient and secure to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Longbridge Whale’s Innovative One-Stop Trading System

During the “Far Beyond” 2023 new product launch conference, Longbridge Whale unveiled its pioneering one-stop virtual asset trading system service. This groundbreaking system offers a comprehensive suite of features, including market data, community information, trading, clearing and settlement, and more. Securities companies in Hong Kong can now leverage this platform to provide their clients with uninterrupted trading experiences and swift T+0 deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the real-time market support for 50 order prices ensures efficient and seamless trading for users.

Understanding the App and Counter Solutions

Longbridge Whale’s one-stop virtual asset trading system comprises two integral components: the App and the Counter solutions. These solutions have been designed to cater to the unique requirements of securities companies in Hong Kong. The App solution empowers users with user-friendly trading features, real-time market support, and access to essential market data. On the other hand, the Counter solution provides a seamless and efficient clearing and settlement process, ensuring smooth transactions for both users and brokerages alike.

PortAI: Revolutionizing Knowledge Services in Securities Firms

The “Far Beyond” 2023 new product launch conference also introduced PortAI, an AI investment knowledge service platform with the potential to revolutionize the way traditional securities firms operate. PortAI offers a wide array of innovative features that aim to enhance knowledge services within the industry. The platform’s ability to conduct dialogue and question answering fosters greater engagement with users and ensures personalized assistance. Moreover, the one-click text summarization feature simplifies the process of reviewing lengthy texts, enabling faster decision-making and analysis.

Leapfrogging into the Future: PortAI’s Role in Development

By introducing PortAI, Longbridge Whale aims to facilitate a leapfrog development for traditional securities firms in Hong Kong. The platform’s interactive capabilities and real-time community engagement empower securities companies to provide more personalized and tailored services to their clients. PortAI’s ability to review positions on a daily basis streamlines the investment process, allowing firms to stay up-to-date with market changes and make informed decisions promptly.

Embracing the Future of Virtual Asset Trading

Quam Securities’ foray into crypto trading and the introduction of Longbridge Whale’s innovative one-stop trading system and PortAI herald a new era in virtual asset trading for brokerages in Hong Kong. This progressive move not only opens up new revenue streams for financial services companies but also empowers investors with greater access to diverse investment opportunities. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for securities firms to embrace technological advancements and adopt customer-centric solutions to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.


The entry of Quam Securities into crypto trading and the introduction of Longbridge Whale’s one-stop virtual asset trading system and PortAI represent a turning point for the financial industry in Hong Kong. As the demand for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues to grow, traditional securities firms must adapt and embrace innovative solutions to remain competitive in the market. With the future of virtual asset trading looking increasingly promising, investors can look forward to a more inclusive and dynamic financial ecosystem that offers a plethora of exciting opportunities. The stage is set for Hong Kong’s securities firms to usher in a new era of financial innovation, and the possibilities are limitless.