Polygon Partners with Wakweli to Combat NFT Scams and Enhance Digital Asset Security

Polygon has teamed up with Wakweli, a Web3 infrastructure protocol that provides certificates of authenticity for NFTs, to fight NFT scams and improve security in the digital ecosystem. With this partnership, all digital assets on Polygon will be compatible with Wakweli’s certification system, allowing every NFT project holder on the Polygon chain to request authenticity certificates for each asset.

To create a certificate request, users will need to stake WAKU, Wakweli’s utility token. The amount of WAKU to stake in a request will vary depending on the level of trust needed for each case. This partnership has been in the works since August 2022, and the final details of the agreement were concluded this March.

Wakweli’s testnet will be available in April and can be used with Polygon’s Mumbai testnet. Alpha testing with Polygon’s mainnet will begin in Q2 2023, with mainnet compatibility expected to be ready by Q3 2023. The partnership aims to combat counterfeit NFTs and enhance trust in the digital ecosystem.

Wakweli’s platform and API will offer developers access to advanced use cases, such as automatically generating certification requests when minting or accessing more detailed certification information. By providing a way to detect counterfeit NFTs, the partnership between Polygon and Wakweli has unlocked a definitive solution to fight scam attempts and improve security in the thriving NFT ecosystem.