Lego Making a Metaverse Collaboration With Epic Games to Enter in Digital Markets

Lego, the renowned maker of interlocking toy bricks, is set to reveal its plans for a metaverse project developed in collaboration with Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, as reported by the Financial Times. The initiative aims to solidify Lego’s future in virtual worlds and target users in digital markets.

The company intends to continue expanding by offering its products in these markets to enhance brand recognition online. CEO Niels Christiansen acknowledged the company’s journey towards achieving this goal, stating that they are working hard to create the same immersive experience for consumers in the digital realm as they do in physical stores.

Despite other firms scaling back their investments in metaverse endeavors, such as Microsoft and Tencent, Lego is doubling down on its efforts to build digital spaces for kids. Last year, it invested $2 billion in Epic Games, partnering with Sony to construct its own metaverse platform designed to provide safe and secure virtual spaces for children to engage with the brand.

Moreover, since May, Lego has ramped up hiring to develop in-house digital experiences and aims to triple its number of software engineers to adopt a more integrated approach to its physical and digital operations.

While Lego continues to prioritize its digital initiatives, it remains optimistic about the future of brick-and-mortar retail, with the opening of 155 new stores in 2022.