BNB Analysis

BNB is currently experiencing a turbulent period as it struggles to break out of its trading range. The resistance zone, which ranges from $346 to $348, has proven to be a significant obstacle for the asset, while the support zone, ranging from $316 to $317, has been able to prevent it from falling too low. … Read more

ATOM price analysis – Trading Cryptocurrency

Based on recent market analysis, it appears that the cryptocurrency ATOM has broken through a key trend line and subsequently retested it. This has created an attractive opportunity for potential buyers, as the asset now appears to be on a strong upward trajectory. It is recommended that interested investors consider buying in the current price … Read more

DASH Analysis

DASH aggressively making Higher Highs and Higher lows on daily TF. This is clearly a bullish sign. Price is on its way to a strong resistance zone of $84.70 – $87.70. A retracement would be best case for entering a buys. So, wait for a drop till support around $65.00. If you want to go … Read more