What is Polygon(MATIC) – All about Polygon Explained

Polygon explained

In early 2021, Matic, an Ethereum infrastructure project, will be rebranded as Polygon. Polygon, which was created for Ethereum project developers, works on the facilities of the Ethereum network or blockchain to create products that make blockchain transactions faster and more secure. Polygon previously known as Matic has many goals, but making Ethereum (ETH) and … Read more

What is Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC) – All about Wrapped Bitcoin Explained

WBTC-Coin Explained

Wrapped Bitcoin is a tokenized version of the world’s most popular digital asset in the crypto world, Bitcoin. It was created by BitGo, Kyber Network, and Ren in order to integrate into the thriving decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Wrapped Bitcoin tracks the original Bitcoin price and allows DeFi users to buy and sell Bitcoin on … Read more

What is Avalanche (AVAX) – All about Avalanche Explained

Avax Coin Explained

Avalanche (AVAX) is a blockchain platform designed for smart contracts, decentralised applications, and subnets (customized blockchains). The network prioritises fast transactions, low fees, and energy efficiency. AVAX is the native token of Avalanche. Avalanche, with its three-blockchain architecture and PoS consensus protocol, can deliver high throughput, allowing the network to grow without sacrificing security or … Read more

What is Uniswap- All about Uniswap Explained

Uniswap Explained

Uniswap is the largest Ethereum blockchain-based decentralised exchange. The UNI is the system’s native governance token. On the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap is a system for exchanging any ERC-20 token. Uniswap is intended mainly as a tool for the community to trade tokens without platform fees or middlemen, in contrast to centralised exchanges that are designed … Read more

What is TRON (TRX) – All about TRON Explained

Tron Coin

TRON (TRX) is a decentralised blockchain-based operating system launched in 2017 by the Tron Foundation. TRX tokens were originally ERC-20-based tokens deployed on Ethereum, but they were moved to their own system a year later. TRON is a blockchain-based operating system that aims to make this technology usable in everyday life. TRON software allows smart … Read more

What is Dai (DAI) – All about Dai Explained

Dai Coin Explained

Promoting crypto funding is the main goal of the Maker protocol, for which Dai was created. But being an ERC20 token, Dai Crypto enables a wide range of potential Ethereum use cases, including the creation of smart contracts. The open-source software programme known as the Maker Protocol is maintained by the Maker distributed autonomous organisation. … Read more

What is Polkadot (DOT) – All about Polkadot Explained

Polkadot Explained

Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood has co-founded Polkadot to expand the capabilities of a blockchain network. The cryptocurrency used on the blockchain is known as DOT. Polkadot, which launched in 2020, has quickly grown to become one of the largest crypto networks. Polkadot is powered by two blockchains: the main relay network, where transactions are permanent, … Read more